Famous Bridges in the World

Top 10 Famous Bridges in the World and Why

The famous bridges in the world were initially built with the intent to make human lives easier. Over time, people began to see these bridges of the world for their architectural beauty and uniqueness. Humans questioned the story behind their awe-inspiring structures and hence, made them famous. 

With their extraordinary features such as size, visual appeal, use of brand-new construction techniques, use of new construction material, historical or cultural importance, and many others, these bridges are a vital part of the infrastructures of regions around the world.

This blog will include the top 5 famous bridges in the world and the reason behind their fame. To make it more interesting, we’ve included a list of the 50 most famous bridges in the world as well. 

Traditional Vs Ecological Bridges of the World

Traditional bridges are built to connect transportation routes. Their impact on habitat is fragmented, i.e. they cause degradation. Animal movements are hindered and their construction project causes disruption and pollution. Some traditionally built famous bridges in the world are the Golden Gate Bridge, Tower Bridge, etc.

Ecological bridges on the other side are built to provide safe passage for wildlife. Their impact on habitat is restoring and connecting. Eco-bridges facilitate animal movement and improve gene flow. The construction impact of these bridges are least. They’re made in integration with the environment. Banff Wildlife Crossing and Singapore Green Corridor are some famous eco-bridges in the world. 

Famous Bridges Names and Reason of Fame

Golden Gate BridgeSan Francisco, USAThe iconic symbol of San Francisco, its vibrant orange color and suspension bridge design are instantly recognizable.
Akashi Kaikyo BridgeKobe, JapanHolds the record for the longest suspension bridge central span in the world (1,991 meters).
Tower BridgeLondon, EnglandA recognizable landmark of London, famous for its bascule bridge design and raising towers.
Brooklyn BridgeNew York City, USAOne of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA, known for its innovative design and role in revolutionizing bridge construction.
Sydney Harbour BridgeSydney, AustraliaNicknamed “The Coathanger” for its unique arch design, it’s a major landmark and transportation hub in Sydney.

Impact of Construction Famous Bridges in World

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA)

  • Increased tourism, facilitated trade flow between north and south California
  • Connected communities, improved access to jobs and education
  • Environmental impact limited during construction, ongoing maintenance focuses on minimizing environmental footprint.

Tower Bridge (London, UK)

  • Boosted tourism, facilitated trade on the River Thames
  • Became a symbol of London, connected communities across the river
  • Environmental effect limited due to historic construction, ongoing maintenance focuses on sustainability.

Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney, Australia)

  • Essential for transportation and trade, vital for Sydney’s economy
  • Iconic landmark, symbol of Sydney, connected previously isolated regions
  • Limited impact on habitat during construction, ongoing maintenance focuses on minimizing impact on the harbor ecosystem. 

Brooklyn Bridge (New York City, USA)

  • Revolutionized transportation in NYC, facilitated growth of Brooklyn
  • Connected Manhattan and Brooklyn, fostered cultural exchange

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Japan)

  • Connected previously isolated regions, improved transportation efficiency
  • Symbol of Japanese engineering prowess, fostered regional development
  • Environmental effect considered during construction and focused on minimizing impact on marine life.

5 Famous Bridges in India Which Leave Everyone Staring

Bandra-Worli Sea LinkMumbai, MaharashtraModern engineering marvel with a cable-stayed design, offering beautiful views of the Mumbai skyline.
Howrah BridgeKolkata, West BengalHistoric cantilever bridge, iconic for its silhouette and a symbol of Kolkata.
Vidyasagar SetuKolkata, West BengalThe longest cable-stayed bridge in India, also known as the Second Hooghly Bridge.
Mahatma Gandhi SetuPatna, BiharOne of the longest river bridges in India, connecting Patna and Hajipur over the Ganges River.
Pamban BridgeRameswaram, Tamil NaduHistoric railway bridge with a unique cantilever design that opens up to allow ships to pass.

Importance of Famous Bridges in the World

  1. Transportation

Enables crossing of bodies of water, valleys, and other obstacles. They facilitate the movement of people, goods, and services, connecting communities and regions.

  1. Economic Development

Promotes trade, tourism, and economic growth by connecting markets and resources. Bridges in the world create opportunities for businesses, improve access to jobs and markets, and boost regional economies.

  1. Social Connection

Bridges foster communication, cultural exchange, and social interaction. They enable access to education, healthcare, and other essential services, bringing communities closer together.

  1. Engineering Marvels

Showcase human ingenuity and technological advancement. Inspire innovation and serve as testaments to human accomplishment in design and construction.

  1. Historical Significance

Represent cultural heritage and serve as enduring symbols of human progress. Famous bridges in the world can be landmarks that contribute to the identity and cultural fabric of a place.


From Brooklyn famous bridges in the world to the Golden Gate Bridge and the famous bridges of Europe, this blog covers it all. One common thing in all these bridges of the world is their engineering and construction marvel. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is famous for its bridges?

Many countries have famous bridges, like the Golden Gate Bridge in the US, the Tower Bridge in the UK, and the Rialto Bridge in Italy.

What are Brooklyn famous bridges in the world?

Brooklyn is known for the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge with its city views, and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the Americas.

Name 5 famous bridges in Europe

Some famous bridges in Europe are:
1. Charles Bridge, Prague
2. Rialto Bridge, Venice
3. Tower Bridge, London
4. Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest
5. Millau Viaduct, France

Which is the oldest and most famous bridge in the world?

Arkadiko Bridge in Greece built around 1300-1190 BCE, is considered the oldest existing bridge still in use.

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