Italian Marble vs Indian Marble: A Comparative Guide

Italian Marble vs Indian Marble: A Comparative Guide

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One of the most crucial components that significantly influences the interior of a home is the marble on the surfaces. Marble is a magnificent material that can instantly add glam to any space. However, it is common for homeowners to face challenges when it comes to making a choice among the types of marble in India. One common conflict that has always been in the market is Italian marble vs Indian marble. 

We are going to make a thorough comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of Italian marble vs Indian marble to assist you with making a choice. Let’s start by discussing the fundamental distinctions between Italian marble vs Indian marble that every homeowner must be aware of. 

Italian Marble: An Introduction

The varieties available in Italian marble are highly valued for their exceptional luster and capacity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space in which they are used. It is easy to access Italian marble in India although they are extracted in Italy. Homeowners or construction managers can find Italian marble in the form of slabs and use them.

Indian Marble: An Introduction

Indian marble is an affordable option that comes in an extensive range of hues and textures. Indian marble is a comparatively tougher stone with a moderate luster. Indian marble is one of the best flooring options available in India considering its sustainability. 

What Are The Different Types of Italian Marble?

Italian marble variants are available in a range of colors and textures. Some of the most common varieties of Italian marble are as follows:

  • The precious Statuario marble. The unique characteristics of this marble type are the white color with gold or grey veins. 
  • Botticino marble with a golden tone. This marble type seems like it has been lighted up from the inner layer. 
  • Light gray Carrera marble with a thin, feathery veining pattern scattered on the surface. 
  • Nero or black Marquina, and more. 

What Are The Different Types of Indian Marble?

Indian marble is available in an incredible range of colors, including pink, white, red yellow, green, and black. A few of the best types of marble in India are as follows:

  • Bright white Makrana marble is widely recognized for its usage in the Taj Mahal.
  • Superior grade Ambaji white marble that originates in Gujarat.
  • The Rajasthani green marble is widely exported from India. 
  • Indian Statuario White Marble.
  • Pink marble from Jodhpur.
  • Onyx marble is made with wide stripes of alternate colors. 

Different Uses: Italian Marble Vs Indian Marble

Italian Marble Indian Marble 
– Used for table tops

– Used for flooring and as decorative elements on walls 
– Used for flooring

– Used as tabletops Used for countertops in the bathroom and kitchen

Italian Marble: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Italian marble advantages are as follows:

  • They are available in an extensive range of options.
  • Italian marble is highly lustrous.
  • The grain quality of Italian marble is top-notch. 

The Italian marble disadvantages are as follows:

  • The cost of installation of Italian marble can be expensive.
  • Proficient workers are required to install Italian marble.
  • Italian marble has a high risk of staining as they are soft and porous. 
  • The maintenance of Italian marble can be costly. 

Indian Marble: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Indian marble advantages are as follows:

  • The local availability of Indian marble is a common advantage it offers.
  • It has a low-cost installation and requires semi-skilled professionals for installation only.
  • Indian marble is highly durable and requires minimum maintenance. 
  • Stain resistance is another advantageous feature of Indian marble. 

The Indian marble disadvantages are as follows:

  • There is a limited variety available in Indian marble.
  • Indian marble is not highly lustrous. 
  • The grains in Indian marble are less prominent. 

Italian Marble vs. Indian Marble

Difference Factor Italian Marble Indian Marble
LustreHighly lustrousModerately lustrous
PolishingPolished on one side Polished and Unpolished
Source ItalyGujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh
SoftnessVery softBit harder
LayingProficient craftsmen neededLess skilled craftsmen
ThicknessThe slabs’ thickness might vary between 18 to 22mmVarious thicknesses are available in slabs
PriceStarts from INR 150 per sq. ft. Starts from INR 70 per sq. ft. 


Marble is one of the best incorporations for your home as you wish to add a touch of luxury to it. No matter what kind of space it is, marble can give it an opulent appearance. One of the commonly rising trends in marble is colorful patterns. It has become common for homeowners to pick marbles that add a color pop, and quirky designs to their home. 

 There are different advantages and disadvantages of both Italian marble and Indian marble; however, homeowners can make a choice on the basis of their unique considerations. Consider some critical factors like the budget you have and the finish you wish to acquire and pick the right marble type for your property. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Italian marble better than Indian marble?

Both Italian marble and Indian marble have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Italian marble is more durable and luxurious in appearance when compared to Indian marble.

Which marble offers better durability?

Indian marble is comparatively more durable and stronger.

What is the Italian marble price in India?

The Italian marble price in India may vary between INR 150 to INR 900 per sq. ft. However, the cost may get higher on the basis of the different factors.

What is the Indian marble price in India?

The Indian marble price in India starts at INR 70 per sq. ft. and may be as high as INR 200 per sq. ft.

What are the common uses of Italian marble?

Italian marbles are commonly used for tabletops, flooring, and as decorative elements on walls.

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